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no one gives a shit about your gay youtube video posts.

August 8, 2009

i love how everyone posts a video on youtube and BAM them mother fuckers have a life. there are kids, no scratch that, adults who haven’t gotten laid in years who make video blogs about their life. news flash, i don’t think everyone is concerned about your life. youtube should invent fists and install them into every computer screen and when the dipshits start to video blog about themselves that fist should pop and make their teeth like your grandma when she gives blow jobs for 45 cents. the worst part about the internet is that every one now thinks the world cares about, or rather will care about them. it’s a lonely kids dream to bone the vag of the internet. and it’s kids like that who get their asses molested by some over weight bald guy who looks a lot like Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which if doesn’t make jizz your pants there’s obviously a problem with you. seeing that show with no boner at all means you’re probley totally gay. why don’t you just bend over and take while you watch the show since you aren’t into it that much asshole.


if you aren’t like this guy then fuck you.