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Van Jones is an asshole.

September 5, 2009

fuck Van Jones. and fuck every retarded hippie that thinks he’s super awesome and totally rad. the guy is an ass. and here left thought the right was an asshole. WRONG AGAIN DIPSHIT. both sides are assholes. what’s hilarious is that the media won’t even cover that he’s an open communist and makes dumb ass statements like white people poison black communities in the inner city. psh, way to make yourself sound dumb. seriously Van Jones, i could walk up to a microphone and jerk off and i would sound like i made more sense than your statements. i know the left will start bitching saying i’m ignorant and responsible for the destruction of the earth and global warming will kill us all in a giant angry dick up our asses. sorry asshole, global warming isn’t real the earth isn’t going to explode and shove it’s dick up our ass. fuck you and your toyota prius. but the right has assholes too. but i will say at least the right has more brains than you Van Jones, in fact, a whole lot fuckin’ more. you’ve done work with Bill Ayers wife too, Bill Ayers is an ass. oh wait, i almost forgot, his wife too. wait, fuck weather ¬†underground. that’s you know an extremely logical way to have dealt with things in the 60’s. peace and love my ass.

but Van we only say this because we care about you. there is help for you, and this is the first step you have to take. please listen.


this is a first step for you Van Jones. stop being an asshole.


Why I Am Glad to NOT Be Nancy Grace’s Husband.

August 25, 2009

she’s a bitch. really i bet she wears the pants in that household. so here Nancy, since you’re a femnisist proscutor and the Daughter of the Devil i’ll give you a list of reasons why you should not be allowed to have a show.

1. You’re a woman. women of your style do not need to be allowed on tv, we all know women are inferior to men. in fact the only reason we let them on tv is cause their husband is getting any ass at home so he has to let her do her thing, which he could do better with his eyes closed and jackin’ it at the same time. men are much much smarter, either the reason you got your tv show was your husband wanted some ass so he allowed you to go on tv. but this could also mean you tried to bite his dick straight off with your fangs and demanded a show. i gotta send out sympathy to your husband, i wouldn’t let my huge balls near that womans mouth. but i bet your ass i could knock that bitch out cold with one swing from these giant balls. her husband would thank me, hell yeah.

2. You suck as a TV Personality/Prosecutor. my question to you Nancy is how the hell aren’t you a lesbian? only prosecutors’ are lesbians, but they’re always extremely hot and in the middle of trying to take the other prosecutor down they get turned on rip their shirts off and start making out. then the judge whips out his dick and says, “you’re girls are both guilty…of not playing with balls.” then it explodes into one bad porno. but instead of making me start jackin’ it i realize that i just want to knock everyone one of those skanks out cold with my massive balls. shit those things could break bones, hell yeah! actually, that whole image i painted would be more tolerable than watching her show, and porno is pointless and boring and a waste of my time if you ask me. if i watch something i want it to have substance, not tits ass and balls. not my idea of a good time, just like playing the back 9 with Woopie Goldberg.


Robert Gibbs a dumb ass.

July 23, 2009

every time i see that asshole find a candy bar in his pocket and start laughing and then whole room starts laughing i reminded of how much life sucks. some fat ass gets into a position that he sucks at and then is paid a lot to ramble about nothing. it’s like when you get into a room with a grandparent you don’t like who just shits himself all day and talk about his buddies in world war two. no one cares. i bet this is how it would go if i were a press secretary for a president.

Reporter: isn’t it true that American’s are ignorant and Washington doesn’t know what it’s doing?

Picture 8

Me: “come again asshole!?!?”


that’s right, press secretary with balls. and what huge balls they are. when people see my balls it’s the kind of reaction everyone got in star wars when they first stumble upon the death star.


hire me for press secretary you won’t be sorry.

something independent supporters know how to do…

July 19, 2009

SHUT THE FUCK UP! i had to deal with enough of the modern hippies who followed Obama cause it was the cool thing to do, and then i had to deal with everyone acting like they wanted to suck him off during the All Star Baseball game. most of the presidents that get elected now days are dipshits. actually there is only one person i’d like to see as a President and it’s Ron Paul, but that’ll probley ever happen cause as of right now American’s are being retards.


i’m sorry you’re a total douche bag. this last election sucked a big dick. everyone seemed to get all gay for their party when both people sucked. then all the democrats got a big hard one had a circle jerk thinking they were changing everything and then unemployment rose to the highest. but out of all that the worst people are the Obama supporters. i don’t hate Obama, i just think he’s basically a worse version of Jimmy Carter and that the country is gonna be a shithole at the rate it’s going. but the Obama culture is just about the dumbest thing i’ve ever seen, let me show you what i mean.



congratulations you are a total tool. heres how i think it would go down if one of these tools met Obama.


you suck and i rule.

i hate green peace.

July 19, 2009

green peace sucks. it’s bad enough that we had to deal with the twats in the 60’s but now they brainwashed another retarded generation into thinking that somehow singing peace songs smoking dope and playing ass grab around trees will somehow save the forest. remember what happend with the last bunch of green hippie dipshits that walked this planet in the 60’s? HEADSHOPS2/C/06DEC96/MN/DF

you’ve come a long way dipshit! i could accomplish more with my left nut. and probley my left nut alone has more sense than this hippie burnout. whats worse is we now have little spoiled rich kids in elementary schools making all these gay movies about driving a hybrid car because global warming will rip the dick off every last living thing on earth. if a son showed his father his gay little movie it could one of two ways: 2_father_and_son_load

have a really gay family moment together. personally if my son showed me a shit film like that he made and it wouldn’t let me skip over it on my DVD player this is what would happen:


green peace blows.