Family Blogs.

oh family blogs. that’s something you’ll never catch me with. if my wife starts one i am divorcing her ass and never paying child support. and i won’t be involved with my kids either. maybe that shows you how much i hate those things. i mean who in their right mind wants to paste photos of your family and your house up on the internet? why i bet right now some thief just jerked off to that nice stereo or something, just the though of him robbing your house is giving him the biggest hard on. also giving out your kids name and the school they go to? just give your kids to pedophiles if you want them to get molested so much. even better, put them on craigslist. they’ll surely find a happier home on that website. also everything seems so fake on those things, they’re smiling with the nice lighting in the photos, but really mom drinks and dad hits mommy at the dinner table. also no one wants to hear about your kids accomplishments, fuck if i had kids i wouldn’t wanna hear about theirs. i’d tell my son to go clean the garage if he doesn’t want his ass hit and then after that he could address me. and then after he’s done that he WILL bring me a beer and tell me. that way it lessens some pointless trivia he learned at school. it’s like those stickers that say, “my kids an A student and fuck me up the ass high!” oh really? cause my kid would kick your kids ass and then give him an atomic wedgie. the best thing a family can do, DON’T BLOG ABOUT SOME POINTLESS THING ON THE INTERNET. family blogs are like those really shitty taxes companies or car insurance companies you see in the Ghetto. no one cares about them.


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