the 1960’s was for dumb asses.

that’s right. fuck that dopesmoking generation. if i had a dime for everytime a baked hippie bitching about the corporations and how their faggy solutions would help i would be one hell of a rich man. why i would use 100 Bills to clean myself off after i finished jerking off. put that in your pipe and smoke it asshole. actually i would roll my cigarettes with 100 dollar bills as well. and what’s worse is now those no good dipshit hippies have rubbed off on our generation. Bill Ayers (asshole) is a professor. so we’re giving a job to the cocksmoker who planted bombs during the 1960’s and caused damages to small homes and businesses, good call on that one. wait and fuck John Lennon too. bed peace hair peace. more like, OH GIVE PEACE A CHANCE NOW EXCUSE ME WHILE I GET PISS DRUNK AND FIGHT SOME RANDOM DUDE AT THE BAR AND THEN GET THE LIVING SHIT KICKED OUT OF ME MAKING ME LOOK LIKE AN EVEN BIGGER ASSHOLE. cool. yeah it’s sad what happened, but he was a total douche. oh wait i forgot one thing, I AM JOHN LENNON AND I AM AN EVEN BIGGER DICK BY NEGLECTING MY SON. actually all hippies do that. i still hold onto the fact that San Francisco and all of California is the asshole of the United States. that’s where we send all of our shit. so if your young and stupid there is help. go read about SDS or Weather Underground, or Bill Ayers, OR put down your damn joint.

don’t eat their fucking brownies either.


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