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Family Blogs.

September 19, 2009

oh family blogs. that’s something you’ll never catch me with. if my wife starts one i am divorcing her ass and never paying child support. and i won’t be involved with my kids either. maybe that shows you how much i hate those things. i mean who in their right mind wants to paste photos of your family and your house up on the internet? why i bet right now some thief just jerked off to that nice stereo or something, just the though of him robbing your house is giving him the biggest hard on. also giving out your kids name and the school they go to? just give your kids to pedophiles if you want them to get molested so much. even better, put them on craigslist. they’ll surely find a happier home on that website. also everything seems so fake on those things, they’re smiling with the nice lighting in the photos, but really mom drinks and dad hits mommy at the dinner table. also no one wants to hear about your kids accomplishments, fuck if i had kids i wouldn’t wanna hear about theirs. i’d tell my son to go clean the garage if he doesn’t want his ass hit and then after that he could address me. and then after he’s done that he WILL bring me a beer and tell me. that way it lessens some pointless trivia he learned at school. it’s like those stickers that say, “my kids an A student and fuck me up the ass high!” oh really? cause my kid would kick your kids ass and then give him an atomic wedgie. the best thing a family can do, DON’T BLOG ABOUT SOME POINTLESS THING ON THE INTERNET. family blogs are like those really shitty taxes companies or car insurance companies you see in the Ghetto. no one cares about them.


Fuck California.

September 10, 2009

if there was a place that was the asshole of the world, it’s California. and on here i would like to propose a question, do we really need the state of California? the answer, no we do not. the soultion, blow the state off the US therefore sending it into an island 50 miles off the cost of America. 49 states. not bad. we could do without those assholes. heres a list of all things bad Californian.

1. California Drivers: ever be driving and some guy drives like a total cock sucker and you’d love nothing more than to ram his ass off the road to prove how much better you are than him? well if are then you are one of many people who would like to see the place go. California drivers, everyone knows they suck out there at driving, so why should we even let these assholes stay part of the United States?

2. Hollywood: now Hollywood i suggests moves to a different place, California has a breeding ground of being dick fag central so the stars get up their own ass about how awesome they. like Charlie Sheen. for those of you who don’t know what an asshole he is i will tell you. he thinks the government was behind 9-11. and whatever faggot you are hanging around that thinks 9-11 was an inside job you need to kick his ass and take his clothes. that you way you’re making a point of how big of an asshole he is. ONLY assholes get their clothes stolen. another reason why California needs to go.

3. San Francisco: if you’re one of those assholes who think this is the coolest place on earth then i won’t like you, and to prove i don’t like you i will take your girlfriend and bang her and then leave her alone the next morning and not call her again. AND I WON’T USE A CONDOM. since they’re all into free love out in that region of California might as well prove a point. you and your damn love ins. also asshole smoke crack openly out there and drink coffee. actually i would go there for one reason and one reason only. they’re so concered about pollution and driving hybrid cars that i would drive out there take a whole bottle of laxatives and walk around pantless and shit everywhere i went since everyone around there is so full of it. it’s not like i’ll be arrested cause everyone is strung out on dope and coffee.

the 1960’s was for dumb asses.

September 6, 2009

that’s right. fuck that dopesmoking generation. if i had a dime for everytime a baked hippie bitching about the corporations and how their faggy solutions would help i would be one hell of a rich man. why i would use 100 Bills to clean myself off after i finished jerking off. put that in your pipe and smoke it asshole. actually i would roll my cigarettes with 100 dollar bills as well. and what’s worse is now those no good dipshit hippies have rubbed off on our generation. Bill Ayers (asshole) is a professor. so we’re giving a job to the cocksmoker who planted bombs during the 1960’s and caused damages to small homes and businesses, good call on that one. wait and fuck John Lennon too. bed peace hair peace. more like, OH GIVE PEACE A CHANCE NOW EXCUSE ME WHILE I GET PISS DRUNK AND FIGHT SOME RANDOM DUDE AT THE BAR AND THEN GET THE LIVING SHIT KICKED OUT OF ME MAKING ME LOOK LIKE AN EVEN BIGGER ASSHOLE. cool. yeah it’s sad what happened, but he was a total douche. oh wait i forgot one thing, I AM JOHN LENNON AND I AM AN EVEN BIGGER DICK BY NEGLECTING MY SON. actually all hippies do that. i still hold onto the fact that San Francisco and all of California is the asshole of the United States. that’s where we send all of our shit. so if your young and stupid there is help. go read about SDS or Weather Underground, or Bill Ayers, OR put down your damn joint.

don’t eat their fucking brownies either.

Van Jones is an asshole.

September 5, 2009

fuck Van Jones. and fuck every retarded hippie that thinks he’s super awesome and totally rad. the guy is an ass. and here left thought the right was an asshole. WRONG AGAIN DIPSHIT. both sides are assholes. what’s hilarious is that the media won’t even cover that he’s an open communist and makes dumb ass statements like white people poison black communities in the inner city. psh, way to make yourself sound dumb. seriously Van Jones, i could walk up to a microphone and jerk off and i would sound like i made more sense than your statements. i know the left will start bitching saying i’m ignorant and responsible for the destruction of the earth and global warming will kill us all in a giant angry dick up our asses. sorry asshole, global warming isn’t real the earth isn’t going to explode and shove it’s dick up our ass. fuck you and your toyota prius. but the right has assholes too. but i will say at least the right has more brains than you Van Jones, in fact, a whole lot fuckin’ more. you’ve done work with Bill Ayers wife too, Bill Ayers is an ass. oh wait, i almost forgot, his wife too. wait, fuck weather ¬†underground. that’s you know an extremely logical way to have dealt with things in the 60’s. peace and love my ass.

but Van we only say this because we care about you. there is help for you, and this is the first step you have to take. please listen.


this is a first step for you Van Jones. stop being an asshole.