Joe Biden should be put in a home.

people bitched about McCaine being too damn old, think again assholes! look at this guy right here, Joe Biden. every time he stands up he makes an ass of himself, actually i’m greatful for that, actually it makes my life better knowing that there’s a Vice President out there who’s dumber than my Aunts fake tits. my Aunt would be a better vice president than Joe Biden, and not her, just one of her boobs is smarter than Joe Biden. how in the hell Obama puts up with him is beyond me, he’s like one of those granparents you constantly yell at cause he keeps shitting his pants all day. i bet he has to wear diapers! what an asshole! i remember one time he told a crippled man to stand up so people could give him a round of applause.


i mean maybe it’s time to consider Shady Acres.


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