Superman rules.

in the old Superman comics there aren’t certain acts and words he said that make Superman out to be a dick….or the greatest man who ever lived. i’ll show you why Superman rules.

1. Jimmy Olsen is queer.


first off the only way to love your child is to beat them and be a total dick. if your child doesn’t fear you or resent you in some way you have failed. and when they resent you make sure they’re to big of a puss to even stand up to you. and so in this Superman cover we see another dick action of Superman. i’m sure that night Jimmy cried himself to sleep and Superman has crushed all his hopes and dreams.

2. making sure people fail.


it’s like when you were a kid and someone else had a better diarama better than you. why i call shit kicking kids and giving them swirlies in the toilet and making them burn their own projects so i’d get the better grade. i’d like to think he totally fucked up Pat Boone and totally bitch slapped Louis around.



every time Superman is such a dick to Louis Lane he has such a huge smile upon his face. here’s another example:


Superman…dick or greatest man ever? you decide.


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