why apple store employees suck.

all college age kids. college kids if you don’t realize it are the most retarded people to come in contact with. i myself am in college and i think most of the kids are about as smart as a girl with big tits. in apples case it’s worse. it’s the college know it all hippies that they think they are the greatest thing to grace this earth all because they masturbate to porn on an apple computer. let’s look at potential people who at some point in college will work at an apple store because it’s hip.

1. Michael Cera: the captain of Pussies United.


i wouldn’t wanna deal with a dipshit talking to me like they way they do at the apple stores. actually today my macbook broke down and i went in and told them i needed it fixed right away, i made up a bullshit excuse because i felt like being an enormous dick to everyone there and said i needed to drop photos off for a magazine at midnight and i was doing an internship.  then some girl who looked like a surfboard lectured me and rambled for a bit and i all remember was thinking that i’ve seen zits bigger on trekkies faces than this womans tits. when she stopped her incessant bitching i gave her two options.

1. get breast implants and give an appointment.

2. make me a sandwich and shut the hell up.

both we’re refused so i bitch slapped her and left the store. i left thinking about how much i hate apple employees. their manager is this odd dude with a really bad mohawk probley blares stupid indie rock music cause it makes him cool and not normal, he thinks for himself. way to go asshole you’ve come a long way, buying into different fads is way different. fuck when i was little i bought into beanie babies so i was totally different. assholes.


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