Robert Gibbs a dumb ass.

every time i see that asshole find a candy bar in his pocket and start laughing and then whole room starts laughing i reminded of how much life sucks. some fat ass gets into a position that he sucks at and then is paid a lot to ramble about nothing. it’s like when you get into a room with a grandparent you don’t like who just shits himself all day and talk about his buddies in world war two. no one cares. i bet this is how it would go if i were a press secretary for a president.

Reporter: isn’t it true that American’s are ignorant and Washington doesn’t know what it’s doing?

Picture 8

Me: “come again asshole!?!?”


that’s right, press secretary with balls. and what huge balls they are. when people see my balls it’s the kind of reaction everyone got in star wars when they first stumble upon the death star.


hire me for press secretary you won’t be sorry.

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