Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince was a shit burger.

just when i thought harry potter couldn’t get any worse the dipshits suprised me, it got worse. i’ve gone to every movie at the urging of my brother, he agrees with me, the movies suck a dick. let me point out why the movie was a shitburger.

1. for a good 30 minuetes no one knows what the hell you’re talking about.

sure maybe those harry potter nerds that take the book into their bathrooms and jerk off at the thought of Harry pulling out his big long black hard wand, but to those of us who don’t read your gay little books WE DON’T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON. it was like watching Superman Returns with a bunch of bad acting british teenagers. they would’ve made off better by casting the undersexed readers that read these books. dear God, great move on that failure dipshits.

2. All Filler.

Dumbledore is so senile i can’t even stand it. some put that asshole in a home already. i loved it when Dumbledore died, it was like finally your old rambling Grandpa finally died and your glad you don’t have to take his shit anymore. if i were at Hogwarts i would have rejoiced when he did. THE BITCH IS DEAD, THANK GOD. Harry was obviously horny for Dumbledor, i was just waiting for a scene where he asks him to step into the master bedroom and it cuts to Harry making breakfast for Dumblesdore and then cut back to the old bastards wrinkly skin. even when they journeyed to find that the worst name for a villian ever in any movie or book Voldermort. what is this? it’s like some PBS children show hopped up on cocaine. i would rather watching a Lord Of The Rings nerd try to take off a womans bra for the first time than this pile of shit.


3. it’s like an ABC Family Porno.

so everyone got their pubes at Hogwarts. somehow Ron makes the gay team that plays with balls and broom sticks all day and all the girls wanna bang this ginger. in real life it doesn’t go like that assholes. NO ONE WANTS TO DO A GINGER. having a ginger’s penis up in you is about as bad as it gets. if your man enough then you get all access into any girls pants despite the fact your ginger. but no, not any girl in their right mind would bang Ron. for crying outloud does the asshole even know how to take a bra off? NO! i think Ron must have slipped roofies into all the girls drinks cause little ginger creeps like him disgust me. i’m a ginger and weird ginger assholes like that tool make me puke. i’ve only met 3 other normal gingers besides from me, we’re not weird little fucks like you Ron, do the world a favor and just not star in the movies, i think they should’ve cast Chris Tucker. then you’d actually be getting laid. asshole.

4. the only part i enjoyed.

so appearntly in this wizard school that anyone can go to and get themselves plastered. Ron’s little girlfriend, Herman is it’s name or something, i don’t know what the fuck it is, but she decided to get piss drunk and down a whole mug of beer. what’s next? is she gonna flash her tits to everyone in the bar? wait wait, she’ll wake up the next day and realize she’s pregnant. way to go Herman. and the other thing i don’t get, do they not card at this fucking place? there are kids who are like 7 getting drunk in there. whats next do they do lines of coke off each others dicks in their bedrooms? Hogwarts probley has it’s own meth lab, that’s what that whole potions class is all about.

way to fail at another movie assholes.

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