something independent supporters know how to do…

SHUT THE FUCK UP! i had to deal with enough of the modern hippies who followed Obama cause it was the cool thing to do, and then i had to deal with everyone acting like they wanted to suck him off during the All Star Baseball game. most of the presidents that get elected now days are dipshits. actually there is only one person i’d like to see as a President and it’s Ron Paul, but that’ll probley ever happen cause as of right now American’s are being retards.


i’m sorry you’re a total douche bag. this last election sucked a big dick. everyone seemed to get all gay for their party when both people sucked. then all the democrats got a big hard one had a circle jerk thinking they were changing everything and then unemployment rose to the highest. but out of all that the worst people are the Obama supporters. i don’t hate Obama, i just think he’s basically a worse version of Jimmy Carter and that the country is gonna be a shithole at the rate it’s going. but the Obama culture is just about the dumbest thing i’ve ever seen, let me show you what i mean.



congratulations you are a total tool. heres how i think it would go down if one of these tools met Obama.


you suck and i rule.

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