i hate green peace.

green peace sucks. it’s bad enough that we had to deal with the twats in the 60’s but now they brainwashed another retarded generation into thinking that somehow singing peace songs smoking dope and playing ass grab around trees will somehow save the forest. remember what happend with the last bunch of green hippie dipshits that walked this planet in the 60’s? HEADSHOPS2/C/06DEC96/MN/DF

you’ve come a long way dipshit! i could accomplish more with my left nut. and probley my left nut alone has more sense than this hippie burnout. whats worse is we now have little spoiled rich kids in elementary schools making all these gay movies about driving a hybrid car because global warming will rip the dick off every last living thing on earth. if a son showed his father his gay little movie it could one of two ways: 2_father_and_son_load

have a really gay family moment together. personally if my son showed me a shit film like that he made and it wouldn’t let me skip over it on my DVD player this is what would happen:


green peace blows.

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One Response to “i hate green peace.”

  1. News And Talk Show Radio Streaming Says:

    Don’t Angry Man….

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